Are your wedding packages flexible?

Yes of course. You customize your own wedding photography package so you’re in the drivers’ seat.

Is there a travel fee?

Weddings more than 30 mins from Wellesley, Ontario will be charged a flat $50 travel fee. For weddings over 3 hours away, accommodation is appreciated. Weddings in other provinces and countries, accomodation is required.

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Yes, very reasonably as well. Limited acceptance on an annual basis, please email me about yours!

What does the “second photographer” do at the wedding?

The second photographer is there to assist the main photographer, photograph candids and help bridge any gaps in the day.

How will I view my photos afterwards?

It depends on your package but most couples will have a meeting afterwards and be presented with a DVD slideshow of highlights from their day. At this meeting, you’ll receive your digital negatives on USB.

Do you provide the digital negatives?

You are welcome to include high resolution printable copies of your wedding photos in your package. They are provided in JPG format, Adobe RGB, density & colour corrected on USB only.

Do you provide a back up photographer?

Of course! In the wedding photography contract, I agree that if for some unlikely reason your photographer cannot attend your wedding, an alternate qualified PPOC member will be sent in my place.

What is your photography style?

Contemporary, classic and fun are a few words that would sum up our style. We love romantic couple photos as well as the funky magazine style pictures and of course we have lots of fun during it all!

How far in advance should I book my wedding date with you?

Depending on what time of year you’re getting married, you should aim for 6 months -18 months in advance. However it never hurts to check if we’re available by sending a quick email!

How do I book my wedding with you?

Start by sending us an email (info@pwphoto.ca) letting us know what your wedding date is, who’d like as your wedding photographer and what package you’re interested in. We can go straight to booking via email/phone or set up your wedding consultation. To hold your wedding date, a payment of $500 and a completed contract is required.

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